Two Major Jumps

This is one of the first images I captured with my brand new Sony A7ii. I’m loving everything about it so far, but I made two major jumps at once (from APS-C to full frame and from DSLR to mirrorless) and it will definitely take some getting used to.

My Helmet Is Down

The next six or so weeks will be mega. Much like this fella, I’ll have my head down and focused on my work. The thing about a PhD is the same thing with any big project: you have to focus on one task at a time or you’ll easily overwhelm yourself. My helmet is down; my torch ignited.

Somewhat Chilling

Wish I would have had my DSLR for this sky, but the iPhone X more or less captured it. Sydney smells like a campfire at the moment, which is somewhat chilling when you think about why that is.

Such Is The Story

My body likes to shut down on me when I get a moment of down time, which leaves me completely zapped for energy. Such is the story of my weekend.

At Least One Word

Tonight The Girl is up for yet another award in her career. She is as lovely in her long black dress as she was in her pajamas this morning. But don’t tell her I put that on the internet.

To watch my girl work is a miracle of a thing. I’ve had the pleasure on many occasions and yet she always finds new ways to impress me and those who she is working with and/or alongside.

I tell her often that I struggle to write about her. This is primarily a selfish failure, as I tend to be very protective of her. I want her all to myself.

But there is a more practical failure, and that is one of language. There are simply not words that communicate precisely how I see her – much like the way that photographs never quite capture the majesty of a sunset as you’re seeing it in situ.

But considering her today, there is at least one word that applies to the whole of her being: brave. She never stops moving, working, thinking, failing, trying – and so she’s also yet to stop succeeding.

Tonight, then, is significant. But it is just one step on the journey I’m lucky to get to share with her.