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  • Now Temporarily Illegal

    March 2020 // Hard to believe that only two weeks ago The Girl and I were part of a record crowd at the MCG to watch the Australian Women’s Cricket Team win the T20 World Cup – a crowd which is now temporarily illegal! Hope everybody is staying safe out there.

  • 2019 WISPA Award Entries

    2019 WISPA Award Entries

    It should come as no surprise that I’m a big fan of women’s sport in both my personal and professional life. The Women in Sport Photo Action Awards bring this interest together with my hobby of photography. Here are my three entries for this year’s contest, each of which were previously shared in my Instagram […]

  • Total Clarity

    Total Clarity

    Yesterday I finished the hard part of my ‘pre’ data collection (this photo is, in fact, part of that data). For the first time in my PhD candidature, I can see the finish line with total clarity. 30 October, y’all.

  • Transcending A Lack Of Movement

    Transcending A Lack Of Movement

    Sometimes – even as I move downstream through the ‘infinite scroll’ of social media – an image catches my eye and I immediately know that I love it. Less often, closer inspection leads to that image becoming one of my favourites. This is a story about one such image; an instant favourite. I find that […]

  • Do It For The Gram

    Do It For The Gram

    Do it for the gram.