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  • Now Temporarily Illegal

    March 2020 // Hard to believe that only two weeks ago The Girl and I were part of a record crowd at the MCG to watch the Australian Women’s Cricket Team win the T20 World Cup – a crowd which is now temporarily illegal! Hope everybody is staying safe out there.

  • An Unusually Long Series Of Small Steps

    An Unusually Long Series Of Small Steps

    Doing a PhD seems big when considered in the aggregate, but it’s actually just an unusually long series of small steps. One step at a time tends to get the job done. Many of those small moments are thresholds, the crossing of which being worth celebrating. Finishing a draft, completing an article. Selfishly: the first […]

  • Ghosts And Forms

    Ghosts And Forms

    [Arrow across for the full panoramic] Ghosts and forms, or maybe the other way around. This is three ten-second exposures stacked and fused. I’m starting to have fun with this technique.

  • Transcending A Lack Of Movement

    Transcending A Lack Of Movement

    Sometimes – even as I move downstream through the ‘infinite scroll’ of social media – an image catches my eye and I immediately know that I love it. Less often, closer inspection leads to that image becoming one of my favourites. This is a story about one such image; an instant favourite. I find that […]

  • Off To A Great Start

    Off To A Great Start

    New Melbourne Star Holly Ferling loves her fans and they love her. WBBL04 is off to a great start.