Feeling Stronger Than Ever

Nothing in my life – apart from knowing and loving The Girl – has been as positively transformational as undertaking a PhD. I’ve come to enjoy the hardest moments the most, because I almost always come out the other side feeling stronger than ever. Inching ever closer…

“Pain Is Temporary – PhD Is Forever”

I’ve been thinking fondly of my time in Brisbane last July. In between: lots and lots of writing up findings. Almost there.

The new slogan of our cohort is “pain is temporary – PhD is forever.” 😏

Pots Simmering On My Cognitive Stovetop

I have too many thoughts competing for my attention at the moment. Too much input and not enough output has left quite a few pots simmering on my cognitive stovetop. One more week and I can do a mental detox. Can’t wait.

A Cloudy Day On The Great Ocean Road

A cloudy day on the Great Ocean Road last year. I was solo road tripping from Melbourne to Adelaide and stopped in Portland, Victoria for some food before driving up to the cliff side lookout of the Bridgewater Blowholes. It started pouring rain just as I arrived, so I ate my sandwich in the car and hoped the weather would clear long enough for me to walk out to the ridge and have a look. I got my wish in the end and had the place – all moody and gloomy under clouds – to myself for a few long moments.