Wandering Without A Destination

December 2019 //
Thinking fondly of days spent with Snaps, wandering without a destination, avoiding work that I can no longer evade.

Difficult To Appreciate

June 2019 //
Places like Horseshoe Bend can be difficult to appreciate. While it is inarguably beautiful, it’s also packed with tourists who make it difficult to enjoy the scene. Some are lovely folks like this couple, who patiently awaited their turn at the railing for this photo opportunity. Others are impatient and walk off trail for their photo (past signs asking them not to do exactly that), ruining things for future visitors while also putting their lives at unnecessary risk. There will be positive outcomes of social distancing (be they greater or fewer than the negative ones) and I’m hoping that one will be an end to such gross behaviour out in the wild.

Little Glimpse Into A Changed World

Present Day //
It’s wild to see this many planes parked on the tarmac – especially the 747s and A380s. We aren’t leaving the house, of course, so this sight (and the massively reduced air traffic) are our little glimpse into a changed world. Stay safe.