Wandering Without A Destination

December 2019 //
Thinking fondly of days spent with Snaps, wandering without a destination, avoiding work that I can no longer evade.

I’ve Disguised The Scale

December 2019 //
Street art in the Christchurch CBD. I’ve disguised the scale by cropping close – this takes up the entire side of a multi-level building.

A Process With No End

December 2019 //
Photography activates my anxiety in a very specific way. I love learning; am an advocate of always trying to improve oneself. Learning my camera and developing my photographic skill is a process with no end – a notion that is simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. When, for instance, I find myself faced with a scene such as the one I encountered as I drove toward Mount Cook, I worry that my skill is not up to the task – that I may never see this vista again and I won’t adequately capture it; that the opportunity will slip through my fingers.

But you know what? Whether the photo is good or bad never seems to matter in the end, because the task of composing the photo becomes embedded in the memory of which the photo becomes a record. In that way the photo always ends up being good enough for me, and that’s kind of what it’s all about.

Something I Will Never Forget

Today sees my favourite cricketer Ellyse Perry bring up her 100th ODI and 200th match for the Southern Stars. Being there for her amazing 213* in the Ashes Test last year is something I will never forget – it’s the single most impressive individual sporting accomplishment I’ve ever seen in person.

This is a snapshot I snagged following their recent T20 v New Zealand at North Sydney Oval.