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  • Remembering Jerry West

    Remembering Jerry West

    You knew him as the silhouette in the NBA logo and one of the greatest to ever play the game; I knew him as West Virginia’s favourite son and a personal hero. However you knew Jerry West, the news of his death has likely touched you deeply. There have been two times in my 39 […]

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  • A Great Cup of Coffee

    A Great Cup of Coffee

    I am a lover of coffee, though the origin of this love is difficult to meaningfully trace. While working the most romantic of the various jobs I’ve held in my life — cinema projectionist — in the summer between my Junior and Senior years of college, I was handed my first cup of coffee on […]

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  • Ten Years of ToVa

    Ten Years of ToVa

    On this day ten years ago, I launched this blog: Toward Vandalia. That’s me (in my younger and more impressionable days) in the photo above, smiling at Rupert, who helped me with post photos in those early days of the site. In early 2023, I wrote a post outlining how the blog has changed through […]

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  • When does the work day begin?

    When does the work day begin?

    We recently relocated to another suburb of Sydney – one which is farther away from the CBD (where I work) than our previous home was. My commute used to involve only an 11min train ride, which never afforded much of an opportunity to read. Not only am I a slow reader (so I might get […]

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  • An Open Letter to West Virginia University President Gordon Gee

    President Gee, I am distressed by virtually every proposed element of the West Virginia University “Academic Transformation” as announced by the University on August 11. These proposals include the elimination of the MS and PhD Mathematics programs; the discontinuation of all World Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics programs; the elimination of the MFA Creative Writing course; […]

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  • Bookshelves Lined With Your Personality

    Bookshelves Lined With Your Personality

    I don’t get to read much fiction these days. As an academic, I read more non-fiction than most people (yet somewhat less than I’d like to read). Unfortunately, I can only read so much in any given day before I hit a point of diminishing returns in regard to my ability to engage with and […]

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  • Welcome To The Party, Pal

    Welcome To The Party, Pal

      Hello. It’s been a while, hey? The holiday season afforded me time and headspace for some long-overdue personal reflection, and this post is one result of that reflection. This site – Toward Vandalia – has been around for nearly nine years. In that same time, my life has seen some major transitions and changes: […]

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  • Cliffs of the Pacific Coast Highway

    November 2016 // One of many beautiful sunsets The Girl and I caught along the Pacific Coast Highway in 2016. Follow me on: 500px // Instagram

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  • Moody View

    Moody View

    November 2016 // The Girl and I climbed to the top of Sentinel Dome, which gave us this moody view of Half Dome. Follow me on: 500px // Instagram

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  • Around And Around

    July 2019 // Another semester begins in earnest today. Around and around we go. Follow me on: 500px // Instagram

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