Self-Awareness, Being Provocative, Shaking Up The NFL

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An unintentional theme developed as I compiled the links for this weekend: moving confidently forward and shaking things up. The first link shows us how to establish a foundation for development before the second challenges us to not just question the status quo but to take action toward changing it. A piece on Chip Kelly, coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, rounds out the links with a practical example of these ideas in action and the results that have been achieved.

Why Self-Awareness Is the Secret Weapon for Habit Change

The dedication required to change our mind and behavior is the fight of our lives.

This fantastic piece by Paul Jun about self-awareness underscores the importance of understanding yourself and then using that understanding to further your development. He begins by challenging us to stop fooling ourselves with excuses before encouraging reflection on our mistakes (and successes) that should eliminate the need for those excuses. He also prescribes a “philosophical foundation” for your actions that will help keep you centered and focused.

Unlock Your Creative Genius: 4 Steps To Being Provocative With A Purpose (via)

Following from the first article about knowing ourselves and moving confidently forward, here are a few thoughts on being disruptive in a productive (and creative) way. The premise is familiar – the 9 to 5 doesn’t inspire us, children are more imaginative than adults, etc. – but the recipe for innovation on offer here is a practical one that you can put into practice immediately (and without quitting your day job). Resting on your laurels certainly isn’t moving you forward, so click through for a few easy tips on how to stave off stagnation.

The Influencer

Rounding out a week of innovation is an interesting examination of the ways in which Chip Kelly, coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, has tackled (pun shamelessly intended) the status quo in the NFL. His innovations extend beyond playcalls (there is some football nerdery in the middle of the piece but handy GIFs illustrate the plays being described) and into the way the organization is structured and operates in regard to practices and meetings. His implementation of sport science advances (such as monitors that track player health vitals) resulted in the Eagles having the second-fewest injuries among NFL teams last season. For (even casual) sports fans and productivity nerds, it doesn’t get much cooler than this.

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‘Create’ Free Time By Being Early

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2 thoughts on “Self-Awareness, Being Provocative, Shaking Up The NFL

  1. Wow! This post really got me thinking this week! Your timing was impeccable, Mr. Greg! I’m starting a new school year on Monday. Last year was pretty rough for me and all year I let the other teachers comfort me and tell me I was doing everything alright, when in reality I wasn’t taking responsibility for my actions. And this year, though it hasn’t even started yet, has a wonderful feeling to it. I’ve already started new things in my classroom and the school. I speak more directly to people instead of being the shy, quiet one. I have been paying attention to how I speak to people and what my body does while they speak to me and I’ve already noticed a dramatic difference. In the second article, there was a line about creativity being addictive, and I just love that! Last year I spent many extra hours and Saturdays trying to come up with new ways to do things, and I was so afraid it would wear off, but now I know I can keep this energy and excitement and there is no reason to let others bring me down. Thus concludes my speech this evening. Thanks again for posting these!

    1. I’m so glad you found them helpful! I think even when we love our jobs we can fall into ruts unless we’re doing exactly what you’ve been doing: taking steps back here and there to see what it is we’re ACTUALLY doing before pushing the boundaries of what is expected from us.

      It’s fun to be the creative one that’s always smiling – everybody will think you have a secret 😉

      Best of luck with the new school year! I have some posts coming up about learning and procrastination that I’m writing with students in mind – hopefully you enjoy them, too 🙂

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