ToVa Weekend: Passwords As Mantras, Travel, Being Compelling

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The weekend is here! Escape boredom over the weekend by finding a clever use of your password, reading over a few tips for short business trips and considering what characteristics make people compelling.

How a password changed my life. (via)

Here’s a touching story to go along with a clever idea for taking something mundane – any of the passwords you must type repeatedly during your day – and making it something significant. Simply using passwords as reminders (to forgive, to save) or mantras (quit smoking, don’t drink) changed Mauricio Estrella’s life and could change yours, too.

The Busy Professional’s Guide to a One-Day Business Trip

This one is pretty specific but the advice on offer is also great travel wisdom in general. Traveling light is key, but so is preparedness. It can be tempting to be a bit too casual about short trips but they actually require the most forethought – especially since you might end up stranded in an airport with no change of clothes!

A Throwback Link Relevant To Our Interests…

What Makes People Compelling

This article seemed like a great way to conclude our week of self-defining and introspection. If strength and warmth are part and parcel of your character you will find people drawn to you in a meaningful way. Possessing and displaying one but not the other isn’t quite enough and executing both at the same time is definitely a challenge. Fortunately, the ultimate reward – the respect and trust of your peers – is totally worth the effort.

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Rupert is reading: The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M. Cain

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