Rockin’ Productivity, Self-Compassion, Noble Pursuits

Rupert and I are reading 'Careless People'

This weekend: rock and roll productivity, the importance (and one method) of practicing self-compassion, and perspective toward our problem-solving efforts.

The Best Productivity Tricks You Can Learn From Rock Stars

love personal development ideas that come from non-traditional sources. This is a great piece from Lifehacker featuring tips from Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney and other musicians, complete with fun anecdotes that put their tips into creative context.

The Truth About Self-Esteem (via)

“Be mindful. Be gentle. Be honest.” At a glance, this is great advice. This piece takes things to the next level, however, by suggesting that you should apply these principles not only to others but also to yourself. It’ll help strengthen your self-compassion, which is different than your self-esteem and – since it only exists in your own mind – is somewhat harder to zero in on.

What Problems to Solve – By Richard Feynman (via)

Not everything we do is going to alter the very course of humanity, so a little perspective is healthy. Solving the simpler problems in front of us may not make us feel like world-beaters, but it is a positive contribution all the same and should be considered as such.

ToVa Rewind:

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Step Away From Your Desk To Be More Productive

Rupert and I are reading: Careless People: Murder, Mayhem and the Invention of ‘The Great Gatsby’ by Sarah Churchwell.

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