Step Away From Your Desk To Be More Productive

Step away.

Here’s a notion that I shouldn’t have to sell very hard: taking breaks will actually improve your focus, enhancing your productivity and fueling creativity (via).

We now understand the importance of “output mode”, a state of productivity in which we ignore inputs and focus only on creation. What this research suggests is that we must regularly step away and recharge our mental batteries in order to make the most of our time spent in “output mode”. As the article points out: “the work [output mode] should really break up the break [input mode]”.

How does your daily routine go? Are you even taking the breaks (like lunch) that you’re officially allotted?

Just before you feel your focus start to lapse, step away from your desk.

Take a walk.

Sit in a different room and read a book.

Whatever you do, get away from your workspace. When you return your brain will be back in gear and the results will follow.





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