ToVa Weekend: Idea Generation and Better Self Talk

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Here are some of the best articles I’ve come across this week, including fantastic advice from creative professionals and the best way to talk to yourself when you want to excel. Have a great weekend!

99U Conference Recap Vol. 1: What Are Your Creative Values?
99U Conference Recap Vol. 2: Rethinking the Way We Work
99U Conference Recap Vol. 3: Rethinking the Way We Lead
99U Conference Recap Vol. 4: Design
99U Conference Recap Vol. 5: Entrepreneurship

The focus of the 99U conference in New York City is on how to make ideas happen. The recaps above highlight insights from creative professionals and leading thinkers from around the world. They are worth reading as a whole, or you can just pick the topic that interests you the most. Please share your favorite bits in the comments!

‘Self Talk’: When Talking to Yourself, the Way You Do It Makes a Difference

Most of us will talk to ourselves when we need to focus on an upcoming task or reflect on our past actions. It turns out that something as simple as addressing yourself by your name or as “you” is much more effective than the first-person “I” when it comes to this self talk. (h/t)

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