Watch Less TV and Get More Done

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In his most recent podcast (“The 5 AM Miracle“), Jeff Sanders discusses the E-v-E (Entertainment vs. Education) ratio originally introduced by Brian Tracy. Jeff notes – with no judgement – that the average E-v-E ratio is 50:1. That is, only one minute is spent bettering ourselves for every fifty that we dedicate to mindless entertainment.

Calculating your own E-v-E ratio is easy to do and Jeff runs you through the process. He notes in the podcast and in a prior blog post of his that the goal is not to cut out entertainment completely, but rather to assess your priorities and establish habits that will prevent you from mindlessly wasting your life away in front of “House of Cards” (or in his case, “Law & Order”).

I’m not going to hijack his media, so you can click here to listen on his website and check out his notes or you can do yourself a bigger favor by subscribing to his podcast for a weekly hit of great advice.





2 responses to “Watch Less TV and Get More Done”

  1. Jeff Sanders Avatar

    Wow, thanks Greg! I’m so glad you enjoyed that episode of the podcast. And, just to be totally honest, I also prone to binge watching “House of Cards.” Productivity is a process . . . 🙂

    1. Greg Joachim Avatar
      Greg Joachim

      It certainly is! I can’t believe you found this post so quickly… and I’m honored you came to check it out!

      As you can see I’m only just getting the site up and running. I’m going to ease my way into original content as I finish my studies over the next two months but I wanted to get things started in the meantime. I’ve been listening to your podcast since episode 5 and have enjoyed them all so far – I’m sure I’ll be sharing your ideas frequently!

      And good to know I’m not alone with House of Cards, haha.

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