ToVa Weekend: Single-Tasking, Grad School, Anxiety

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This weekend: ditch multitasking in favor of single-tasking and you might just live longer, a few things to ponder before going to graduate school and tricks to help handle anxiety.

Why Single-Tasking Makes You Smarter (via)

There has long been an emphasis on being an effective multitasker – go have a look at help wanted ads and you’re bound to see it listed as a desired quality in applicants. However, research reveals that multitasking is not only impossible (your brain can only focus on one thing at time) but that your attempts to pull it off might actually be bad for your health. Taking a step back by giving your brain periodic breaks, focusing on the task at hand and prioritising your to do list will make you more productive in the present and help you maintain a sharp mind into older age.

Seven Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Graduate School

Seeing as I just finished my MBA, this was pretty relevant to my interests. My own experience in Australia was a bit different to what could be expected in the USA but some of the advice on offer here about how to get the most out of your time in grad school is universal. Simply put: you’re not just there to attend lectures and pass exams.

3 Ways to Deal with In-the-Moment Anxiety (via)

There is no “off” switch for anxiety but there are ways to be more aware of how your anxiety level is working you over at any given moment. Such awareness is one way to keep anxiety in check, as are tricks to keep you grounded in the present and the knowledge that others are fighting the same battles as you.

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