They Would Be Expecting Her

The ship was bobbing in a way that wasn’t aimless but struck her as incorrect. She had set out on a path and ended up here without wind or purpose. It didn’t look like the place she had imagined when she set out.

She plotted a new route with careful consideration of the bumps and detours that had spilled her here. She shifted the rigging toward her new destination and the wind picked up even as she did.

The sails began to billow as the wind filled them, slowly at first and then with a rapidity that she didn’t know how to handle but that she was confident would move her forward. The ship moved fiercely now and she made steadfast progress toward the coastline. She could see it now. The forms on the horizon were morphing into recognisable shapes.

Without even looking too closely she knew that everything and everyone she loved would be waiting for her there.

They would be expecting her.

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