Toward Vandalia

A Journal of Felt Experience

“She would have laughed at this…”

This is the first post in what should be a fun project: I’ll be using my Instagram feed (@tovagreg) to share microfiction inspired by the photo I’ve posted. I’m not sure what will become of this, which is part of what makes it fun. Mostly the stories will be one-offs but there is certainly the possibility for linked stories and recurring characters down the road. Follow me on Instagram and keep your eyes on ToVa to stay tuned!

She was running late again but his pride kept him from obsessively checking his watch. At the far end of the platform two police officers were checking tickets while apparent fare evaders tried to look normal as they moved to escape the station. She would have laughed at this but she wasn’t here to see it unfold. He checked his watch at last but the face of the timepiece was obscured by the reflection of the moon. It was later than he had realised. #moon #night #dslr #telephoto #sydney #australia #story #fiction #amwriting

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