Five Years And Two Girlfriends Ago

This story is part 2 of 5 of The Man From Kiama.

The next morning found them walking along the water in the general direction of the lighthouse. The beach at Bombo could be seen arcing into the haze that constituted the horizon on this rather muggy day.

She was wearing sunglasses, which struck him as odd. Had she had these with her all night? Women are so resourceful.

The auburn coloured hair that had looked so bright on the dance floor the night before assumed a new character of luminance under the bright sun. When she turned his way he could see that it framed a square face that had endured little stress. He envied this.

The afternoon was meant to bring rain. They would go back to his modest apartment and sit on the hammock he had strung between two support beams on his porch five years and two girlfriends ago.

Knowing now what he did not know then, he would make the most of this honeymoon period with her.

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