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  • A City That Isn’t Sydney

    A City That Isn’t Sydney

    I’m in Brisbane this week – part mini writer’s retreat, part HDR conference, part holiday. Hoping to finish up a personal essay I’ve been mulling over for about a year now, but I’m also enjoying the opportunity to mill about in a city that isn’t Sydney (and take the new a7ii for a few spins).

  • Catching Catherine Lacey

    Catching Catherine Lacey

    After a recent and extended excursion to the USA, The Girl and I have been back in Australia for as long as we were away – about six weeks. Unfortunately, the six weeks spent travelling the USA were also six weeks spent very much with each other, whereas the six weeks we’ve been back in Australia […]

  • The Neglected Pages Of My Notebook

    The Neglected Pages Of My Notebook

    I’ve been struggling to get any creative writing done over the past few months. The PhD life has been consuming all of that cognitive energy. Unfortunately, that hasn’t slowed the ideas for stories – they now sit on the neglected pages of my notebook and taunt me from across the room. A collaboration with a […]

  • Time According To Window Washers

    Time According To Window Washers

    Working and writing from home today. Measuring time by the progress of the window cleaners across the street.

  • “She would have laughed at this…”

    This is the first post in what should be a fun project: I’ll be using my Instagram feed (@tovagreg) to share microfiction inspired by the photo I’ve posted. I’m not sure what will become of this, which is part of what makes it fun. Mostly the stories will be one-offs but there is certainly the possibility […]