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  • Heartbreak Dulled His Senses

    Heartbreak Dulled His Senses

    She was sitting on the upper level of the train. He couldn’t see her face from where he was standing but he could see that her hair was auburn colored. It was enough. He was in love. It was easy and pleasurable to imagine meeting her in the city after work. He would take her […]

  • The Cool Metal Of This Pistol

    The Cool Metal Of This Pistol

    His only thoughts were about the cool metal of this pistol and how good Kristie looks in jeans. The two thoughts stirred different yet equally dangerous feelings within him.

  • Nostalgic For A Place I Have Never Been

    Nostalgic For A Place I Have Never Been

    The signal changes but I’m not on board. The train moves ever forward but I remain standing. At the end of the line friends will meet at a cafe and enjoy the breeze that always rolls through the suburb at four o’clock but the air here is still. They will reminisce about other afternoons spent […]

  • The Tires Were No Longer Humming

    The Tires Were No Longer Humming

    She had only noticed how little light there was inside the car when two headlights appeared down the road and illuminated the entire front seat. Stray beams of light made it all the way to where she was strapped into the back seat. “Look at this clown,” her dad said. She looked around but didn’t […]

  • More Of A Slip

    More Of A Slip

    It wasn’t so much a jump that was required – more of a slip. A fall, really. A perfectly timed fall and he would be on the tracks just as the train pulled into the station. He could think of a dozen reasons to execute such a manoeuvre. Yet she was the only reason that […]