Little Glimpse Into A Changed World

Present Day //
It’s wild to see this many planes parked on the tarmac – especially the 747s and A380s. We aren’t leaving the house, of course, so this sight (and the massively reduced air traffic) are our little glimpse into a changed world. Stay safe.

The Feeling Stirred

I was initially reticent to post this image. This is not a single exposure – you’re looking at four stacked long exposures of landing airplanes. While there’s nothing wrong with editing or touching up photos, this represents my first attempt to do something other than adjust some levels here and there (or use the occasional filter).

My hesitation, then, was that this photo is assembled rather than edited. While I don’t want to tamper with reality by adding or removing elements, I was curious to see if I could capture the wonder of watching a sequence of planes come into SYD. The four exposures that are stacked here were taken over about 20 minutes and I feel the stack better communicates that feeling than would scrolling through the four separate exposures. Something would be lost in the latter case.

Ultimately, I decided (with the help of The Girl) that stacking these exposures doesn’t tamper with reality – the scene that I saw with my own eyes – any more than the use of long exposure did. I didn’t see streaking lights in the sky – that’s an effect created by the camera. So while this isn’t an accurate facsimile of the scene, it is a creative interpretation of the feeling stirred by the scene. I hope that works for you guys.

A Dangerous Habit

The Girl and I live quite close to the International Terminal of the airport, which finds us wandering over there every now and again to have (an overpriced) dinner and fantasize about our next holiday. It’s a dangerous habit in that way.

Farther Away Than They Appear

iPhone X through one eye of 10x binoculars. Objects in photo were farther away than they appear.