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  • Welcome To The Party, Pal

    Welcome To The Party, Pal

      Hello.   It’s been a while, hey?   The holiday season afforded me time and headspace for some long-overdue personal reflection, and this post is one result of that reflection.   This site – Toward Vandalia – has been around for nearly nine years. In that same time, my life has seen some major […]

  • Know This: Motivating Yourself Can Be Difficult

    Questions often asked of me by people who frequent ToVa include: How do I find the time? How do I maintain the energy? How can I be so organized? Confession: it’s not as easy as I try to make it look. I started taking personal development seriously nearly three years ago. I’ve always chased opportunities […]

  • Welcome to Toward Vandalia!

    Welcome to Toward Vandalia, a personal development blog that I hope will empower you to discover your truest self and maximize the potential of that self. The aim of ToVa is not to be an airy-fairy feel-goodery that encourages you to “Reach for your dreams!”. No, the goal here is to offer practical insights and […]