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  • Feeling Stronger Than Ever

    Feeling Stronger Than Ever

    Nothing in my life – apart from knowing and loving The Girl – has been as positively transformational as undertaking a PhD. I’ve come to enjoy the hardest moments the most, because I almost always come out the other side feeling stronger than ever. Inching ever closer…

  • “Pain Is Temporary – PhD Is Forever”

    “Pain Is Temporary – PhD Is Forever”

    I’ve been thinking fondly of my time in Brisbane last July. In between: lots and lots of writing up findings. Almost there. The new slogan of our cohort is “pain is temporary – PhD is forever.” 😏

  • Total Clarity

    Total Clarity

    Yesterday I finished the hard part of my ‘pre’ data collection (this photo is, in fact, part of that data). For the first time in my PhD candidature, I can see the finish line with total clarity. 30 October, y’all.

  • An Unusually Long Series Of Small Steps

    An Unusually Long Series Of Small Steps

    Doing a PhD seems big when considered in the aggregate, but it’s actually just an unusually long series of small steps. One step at a time tends to get the job done. Many of those small moments are thresholds, the crossing of which being worth celebrating. Finishing a draft, completing an article. Selfishly: the first […]

  • A City That Isn’t Sydney

    A City That Isn’t Sydney

    I’m in Brisbane this week – part mini writer’s retreat, part HDR conference, part holiday. Hoping to finish up a personal essay I’ve been mulling over for about a year now, but I’m also enjoying the opportunity to mill about in a city that isn’t Sydney (and take the new a7ii for a few spins).