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  • My Helmet Is Down

    My Helmet Is Down

    The next six or so weeks will be mega. Much like this fella, I’ll have my head down and focused on my work. The thing about a PhD is the same thing with any big project: you have to focus on one task at a time or you’ll easily overwhelm yourself. My helmet is down; […]

  • Little More Than Stick Figures

    Little More Than Stick Figures

    Now he was being trusted to give an opinion. He felt a strange amount of responsibility to offer sage advice that would steer her down the correct fork of the crossroads to choose. He could see that she was talented, but it was also true that… “You’re right, Lyle. I get it. Thank you.” She […]

  • On His Side Of The Mountain

    On His Side Of The Mountain

    She was gone and he could picture no future in which she would come back. The rear wheels of the pickup truck that she had driven away from him had kicked up a cloud of dust that was still settling. The sun slipped suddenly but silently behind the gentle slope that peaked behind his house […]