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  • My Usual Table at Wheat Cafe

    My Usual Table at Wheat Cafe

    This is one of my favourite spots to read: my usual table at Wheat Cafe. It’s just downstairs from the day job and the ham & cheese toastie is on point (don’t forget the mustard). I’m still reading The Corrections even as I keep getting distracted by other books. It’s a good problem to have, […]

  • Lessons I Learned From My 2015 Reading

    Those of you keeping score at home know I love trying to find life lessons everywhere (even in movies). Books, of course, are not an unusual source of lessons but reading critically and identifying the thoughts and lessons that truly resonate with you is an enjoyable exercise that adds value to fiction and non-fiction alike. The […]

  • Strong Motion

    Strong Motion

    I finished Strong Motion over the weekend and liked it better than The Twenty-Seventh City. Franzen can’t help himself when it comes to graphic sex scenes, can he? Everything unfolds predictably but the joy of his writing is in the observation. Next up is The Corrections – allegedly his best – as I continue my […]