Tag: Getting Started

  • Know This: Motivating Yourself Can Be Difficult

    Questions often asked of me by people who frequent ToVa include: How do I find the time? How do I maintain the energy? How can I be so organized? Confession: it’s not as easy as I try to make it look. I started taking personal development seriously nearly three years ago. I’ve always chased opportunities […]

  • I Am Groot

    Marvel’sĀ Guardians of the Galaxy stole a lot of hearts over this year’s blockbuster season (I would say “summer”, but it’s winter here in Australia!), including my own. As you know, I love finding lessons in non-traditional places and there were lessons aplenty in this comedic space western. Spoiler alert: engaged. Establishing Your Personal Brand Ain’t […]

  • Make A Habit Of Passion, Learn From Kids, Be Inspired

    The weekend is here again! Rituals were the theme of the week, which happens to coincide with the first weekend link about making a habit of pursuing your passion projects. Kids pervade the other two links by showing us how to channel our inner nine-year-old and allowing for a little inspiration after a disappointing loss […]

  • Which Shoe Will You Put On First?

    You don’t ask a fussy toddler whether she wants to put her shoes on: you ask which shoe she wants to put on first. This quote was cited by Christina Xu as being the best advice she ever received and it’s easy to see why. Are we all not the fussy toddler from time to […]