Tag: Failure

  • Lessons I Learned From My 2015 Reading

    Those of you keeping score at home know I love trying to find life lessons everywhere (even in movies). Books, of course, are not an unusual source of lessons but reading critically and identifying the thoughts and lessons that truly resonate with you is an enjoyable exercise that adds value to fiction and non-fiction alike. The […]

  • Don’t Rush To The Middle

    Listening to comedians discuss their craft never ceases to fascinate me. In fact, I sometimes find it more interesting than watching their act. Sometimes. A great source of these discussions is the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, on which Jay Leno was recently a guest. Leno rolled out a few stories I have heard him tell in […]

  • Know This: Motivating Yourself Can Be Difficult

    Questions often asked of me by people who frequent ToVa include: How do I find the time? How do I maintain the energy? How can I be so organized? Confession: it’s not as easy as I try to make it look. I started taking personal development seriously nearly three years ago. I’ve always chased opportunities […]

  • It’s Not Your Job To Hold Down The Score

    Football season is upon us once again! Sport offers no end of inspiration and lessons in preparation and success, so why not look toward America’s favorite sport for a little Wednesday inspiration? … It’s not my job to hold down the score – that’s your job. This was legendary college football coach Bobby Bowden’s response […]

  • Make A Habit Of Passion, Learn From Kids, Be Inspired

    The weekend is here again! Rituals were the theme of the week, which happens to coincide with the first weekend link about making a habit of pursuing your passion projects. Kids pervade the other two links by showing us how to channel our inner nine-year-old and allowing for a little inspiration after a disappointing loss […]