Tag: Entrepreneurship

  • YouCo. Part 2: Strategy And Scenario Planning

    This is the second in a series of posts I have lamely dubbed YouCo. I’m drawing on lessons from my graduate business studies to show how best practices from the business world can be applied at the most micro of levels: yourself. The first post considered how a mission and vision statement might be useful […]

  • Self-Awareness, Being Provocative, Shaking Up The NFL

    An unintentional theme developed as I compiled the links for this weekend: moving confidently forward and shaking things up. The first link shows us how to establish a foundation for development before the second challenges us to not just question the status quo but to take action toward changing it. A piece on Chip Kelly, […]

  • ToVa Weekend: Entrepreneurship, Resistance, Rudeness

    The weekend is here at last! As always, here is your roundup of the best of the week that was.┬áThis week: unleash your inner entrepreneur within the bureaucracy of your company, beware of creative resistance from within and learn to handle the worst behavior on the part of others. Channel Your Inner Entrepreneur to Excel […]