“Pain Is Temporary – PhD Is Forever”

I’ve been thinking fondly of my time in Brisbane last July. In between: lots and lots of writing up findings. Almost there.

The new slogan of our cohort is “pain is temporary – PhD is forever.” 😏

You Wanted Me To Be Right

“Sometimes you sound like one of those precocious characters in movies who are wise beyond their years.”

“But I’m not always right.”

“You have been so far.”

“I’ve been wrong plenty of times. If you thought I wasn’t wrong in those instances, it’s because you wanted me to be right.”

“…you just did it again.”

The Faithful Were Into It

[Arrow across for full panoramic.]

I finally got the chance to visit Suncorp Stadium. It’s a great venue that gets LOUD, even at half capacity as it was last night. We were hoping for a better game but the Broncos ran out 50–18 winners after being up 32-0 at halftime. Still, the faithful were into it and pumped up the volume. Onya, Brisbane.

A City That Isn’t Sydney

I’m in Brisbane this week – part mini writer’s retreat, part HDR conference, part holiday. Hoping to finish up a personal essay I’ve been mulling over for about a year now, but I’m also enjoying the opportunity to mill about in a city that isn’t Sydney (and take the new a7ii for a few spins).