Around And Around

July 2019 //
Another semester begins in earnest today. Around and around we go.

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Pots Simmering On My Cognitive Stovetop

I have too many thoughts competing for my attention at the moment. Too much input and not enough output has left quite a few pots simmering on my cognitive stovetop. One more week and I can do a mental detox. Can’t wait.

An Unusually Long Series Of Small Steps

Doing a PhD seems big when considered in the aggregate, but it’s actually just an unusually long series of small steps. One step at a time tends to get the job done.

Many of those small moments are thresholds, the crossing of which being worth celebrating. Finishing a draft, completing an article. Selfishly: the first time you cite yourself 😂. But there’s rarely time to stop and properly soak it in. The next step is always waiting.

From today, the next three months will be the busiest such period of my life. Along the way there will (hopefully) be much to celebrate, but I’ll have to contain my excitement.

For now.