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  • Around And Around

    July 2019 // Another semester begins in earnest today. Around and around we go. Follow me on: 500px // Instagram

  • Sometimes I Forget

    July 2019 // Sometimes I forget to look up when I’m in New York.

  • 2020 WISPAA Entry

    2020 WISPAA Entry

    I’m making only a single entry to the 2020 WISPAA Awards, but it’s one of my favourite sport photos I’ve ever taken. It is, in fact, two photos stacked on top of each other. The two locations of the touch judge in the foreground illustrate the moment of time that passed between the two exposures, […]

  • My Helmet Is Down

    My Helmet Is Down

    The next six or so weeks will be mega. Much like this fella, I’ll have my head down and focused on my work. The thing about a PhD is the same thing with any big project: you have to focus on one task at a time or you’ll easily overwhelm yourself. My helmet is down; […]

  • I Am Groot

    Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy stole a lot of hearts over this year’s blockbuster season (I would say “summer”, but it’s winter here in Australia!), including my own. As you know, I love finding lessons in non-traditional places and there were lessons aplenty in this comedic space western. Spoiler alert: engaged. Establishing Your Personal Brand Ain’t […]