Something Of A Useless Abstraction

For The Girl, a trip to Perth is a return to her roots. For me it is quite the opposite: there is nowhere on land that is further away from West Virginia. In the shade of this tree and other trees like it, we are at home with each other under this endless blue sky. Distance, then, becomes something of a useless abstraction.

Awaiting The Train To Onehunga

My mind has recently been on New Zealand and the ten amazing days I spent there this time last year. This was Britomart early on a Saturday morning. I was awaiting the train to Onehunga, a southern suburb of Auckland. Because Auckland is situated on an isthmus, you can walk ‘coast to coast’ across the entire country of New Zealand over roughly 12km. I did so, and took the scenic route. It momentarily rained when I was on top of Mount Eden but this only served to set me up to be amazed when the sun finally unfolded across the sky again. My clothes were dampened but my spirit was not.