Category: Weekend Reading

  • Make A Habit Of Passion, Learn From Kids, Be Inspired

    The weekend is here again! Rituals were the theme of the week, which happens to coincide with the first weekend link about making a habit of pursuing your passion projects. Kids pervade the other two links by showing us how to channel our inner nine-year-old and allowing for a little inspiration after a disappointing loss […]

  • Self-Awareness, Being Provocative, Shaking Up The NFL

    An unintentional theme developed as I compiled the links for this weekend: moving confidently forward and shaking things up. The first link shows us how to establish a foundation for development before the second challenges us to not just question the status quo but to take action toward changing it. A piece on Chip Kelly, […]

  • Coping With Ignorance, Better Brainstorming, A Ticking Clock

    This weekend: cope with not being the smartest person in the room, execute better (and less painful) group brainstorming sessions and get served constant reminders of your mortality (in the name of wasting less time, naturally). 7 Tips for Working With People Who Are Smarter Than You (via) We’re not always going to be the […]

  • Rockin’ Productivity, Self-Compassion, Noble Pursuits

    This weekend: rock and roll productivity, the importance (and one method) of practicing self-compassion, and perspective toward our problem-solving efforts. The Best Productivity Tricks You Can Learn From Rock Stars I love personal development ideas that come from non-traditional sources. This is a great piece from Lifehacker featuring tips from Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney and other musicians, […]

  • ToVa Weekend: Single-Tasking, Grad School, Anxiety

    This weekend: ditch multitasking in favor of single-tasking and you might just live longer, a few things to ponder before going to graduate school and tricks to help handle anxiety. Why Single-Tasking Makes You Smarter (via) There has long been an emphasis on being an effective multitasker – go have a look at help wanted […]